SUGCON India 2018

Did not get the chance to attend Sitecore User Group Conference 2018 in India? Don’t worry, I will summarize all the details of the two-day conference.

The event was scheduled for 16th and 17th may at The Ritz Carlton Bangalore. Guess what, Team RCB was in the same hotel and few lucky people got a chance to wave to them. See Video

SUGCON India 2018 was sponsored by Microsoft and Horizontal Integration #inpowerfulways
We can see the booth setup by Microsoft and Horizontal Integration (HI) . HI was offering free goodies like fidget spinner, sunglasses

Before going to event detail lets first know what exactly is SUGCON. SUGCON stands for Sitecore User Group Conference. This is completely organized by all the community member of Sitecore. It’s happening for the very first time in India, and it got more than 180 registration, which is a very great start and it shows the passion of Sitecore Developers in India.

Day 1

Day 1 started with Registration for Sitecore 9 Certification. Cost for this certification is 300 USD but for all the registered participant it was at a special 50% discounted price i.e 150 USD.

Examination room was fully packed and approx 60-70 people took the exam.

After the examination registration started for the 2-day conference and each attendee was provided a with SUGCON bag which consists of a Notepad, a pen, and a schedule card.

The event started  #inpowerfulways  with a welcome note by Pieter Brinkman, Rob Earlam and Akshay Sura followed by a Diamond Sponsor Horizontal Integration session.

People were clicking photographs and instantly sharing it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook using #SUGCON, #SUGCON2018. You can check all the feeds using these hashtags.

The first technical session was taken by Chaturanga Ranatunga on the topic “Taking Sitecore Headless with Sitecore JSS”. It was a well-illustrated session with well descriptive animated video

Chaturanga showed a demo on stage and described that it’s very easy to implement Sitecore JSS

After that, there were three sessions happening simultaneously

  • Basics of xConnect by Alok Kadudeshmukh in Room-1
  • Introduction to EXM & How Marketing Automation Help by Pratik Satikunvar in Room-2
  •  The Revenue Engine – Optimizing Market Investment to Drive Revenue by Vivek Mehra in Room-3

I was interested in xConnect session, and the session was overcrowded. Alok explained all the basics in detail and demonstrated a demo on stage. Trust me, it was a very well explained session and a good start to learn xConnect.

Again we have three sessions happening simultaneously

  • ETL Using Sitecore Data Exchange Framework
  • Sitecore 9 Form Customisation
  • Microsoft Session

After a very long technical day, everyone was feeling hungry and SUGCON offered us a networking dinner. Everyone was clicking photos, interacting with each other, enjoying food and drinks. Day 1 ends beautifully.

Day 2

Day 2 started at 9 AM with Sitecore MVP 2018 India awards distribution. It was distributed by Himanshu Khanna (Sales Director Sitecore India). I was very excited to receive my first MVP award and sharing stage with all the Sitecore MVP present there.

Day 2 was  full packed with sessions like

Victor demonstrated capabilities of Sitecore with Cloud. Kiran described story of Ben and Den and how Ninja is helping them to troubleshoot all the issue.

Maxim very well explained all the insights of Sitecore Support.

Overall I enjoyed and learned a lot in SUGCON India 2018, and hoping to see more community members in SUGCON 2019 .


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