Step by step guide to Install Sitecore 8

26 July 2015

Hello All,

This is my first blog on sitecore helper. Here I will guide you how to install Sitecore 8 on your desktop. Before installing sitecore, make sure you fulfill following prerequisite:

  • IIS (Click here to know how to install IIS)
  • SQL Server 2012 (Recommended) (Click here to know how to install SQL)
  • Visual Studio 2012 or any higher version (Recommended)

Also for best performance, make sure your system has 4 GB of RAM.

Since Sitecore in not a free software, so you must have a valid license file provided by sitecore, to complete the setup.

Installation Process

1. Double click on sitecore setup file (.exe), for this blog, I am going to install Sitecore 8 version 150427

installing sitecore 8 sitecore helper

Click on Next.

2. Since we are going to install a fresh/new instance of Sitecore, so select New Instance

choosing instance sitecore installation sitecore helper

Click on Next.

3. Accept license agreement.

accepting terms sitecore installaion sitecore helper

Click on Next

4. Select Complete from installation type, as Complete installation will install all the required sitecore installation type sitecore helper

Click on Next.

5. Enter name of instance, for eg MyFirstApplication, provide instance name sitecore installation sitecore helper

Click on Next.

6. Browse the license file. Click on Next.

7. Provide SQL credential. By default sitecore make all the databases in following name format InstanceName_DatabaseName, eg MyFirstApplication_Master. If you want to change the prefix, Click on Advanced. (Please Note: there is not any option of Windows Authentication)

database server credental sitecore installation sitecore helper

Click on Next.

8. Select Sitecore installation path. By default, it will get installed in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\InstanceName

destination folder sitecore installation sitecore helper

Click on Next.

9. Provide name of website. A new website will get hosted in IIS (Inetmgr) with the same name. You can choose any name, but for learning purpose, keep name same as Instance Name.

iis website name sitecore installation sitecore helper

Click on Next.

10. Finally click Install, sitecore will get installed in some time. At the end Click Lanuch Sitecore

sitecore installation successful sitecore helper

11. Once you click Finish, a new browser tab will get opened with URL myfirstapplication/ and you will get the default landing page of sitecore 8. If you get the same page, congrats, you have successfully completed the installation. sitecore default home page sitecore installation sitecor helper

If you dont get the default landing page, don’t loose hope. Check the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc), there must exist a entry for newly created instance. If the entry doesn’t exist make a manual entry in the following format            MyFirstApplication

Kindly ask your doubts, or leave comment, if you find this blog useful.

I will keep posted the new blogs related to sitecore and .net


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