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Nitish Srivastava

Hey There!

This is Nitish Srivastava and I am currently a Sitecore Developer at SapientNitro Gurgaon. I am a Sitecore Certified Developer and winner of Sitecore Hackathon 2017.

I have been awarded with Sitecore MVP 2018 Title in Technology.


I have created this blog post to share technical/non-technical stuff mostly related to sitecore. While working as a developer, we face lots of problems on daily basis. We discuss the approach to solve the problem within our team, we search for some online solution, and at the end we opt for a solution.

The purpose of launching SitecoreHelper is to share the solution which can benefit other. Launched in 2015, I am trying to add the blogs on a regular basis.

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Saim Alam

A noob at blogging, here only due to sheer urge to share knowledge (read limited knowledge) of Sitecore acquired over the years.

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Rakesh Mohan Bhatt

This is Rakesh Mohan Bhatt and I am a Sitecore® XP 8.2 Certified professional working as Associate Technology Level-2 in SapientNitro. I am also the winner of Sitecore Hackathon 2017 in Azure PAAS. From the very beginning I had an avid interest in the technology realated to computing. It started crafting into my career when I joined my B.tech in Computer Science Engineering back in 2009 from Indraprastha University, Delhi. This was the fulfillment for my deep interest to computing. From initial i had interest in coding.

From there, I was very much inclined towards the Microsoft technologies to be my strength in coding. I started it with normal ASP.Net and MVC. In college days I worked as a freelancer for many of my clients. It was a great experience. After that I joined a startup at the end of my B.tech. That gave me my first exposure to the software industry. From then, every day I am learning something new in software industry. There is not limit of learning in this field.

Currently I am working upon Sitecore + Microsoft Azure as my key skills using various methodologies for search implementation like Solr, Lucene, Coveo, Azure Search etc. I started working upon sitecore back in 2015 with Edynamic as my second company. I learned the basic sitecore there then graduly learning i moved to SapientNitro where I am currently working. As everyone knows Sapient always works upon the latest technologies so it was like my dream come true to my explorations and learning. I learned Microsoft Azure PAAS, IAAS, searching methodologies, Single Sign On integration like OKTA, GIGYA and many more. Working is Sapient is like learning something new on daily basis. With my interest in Sitecore I moved forward here and got the indepth details of working of sitecore and its integration as headless architecture whether it is sitecore apis, Sitecore React integration or to writing the processor, piplelines everthing. Still I am exploring about it. Recently I was also working upon the Sitecore Cognitive architecture which is mainly about the Sitecore integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services to get the image analysis, content analysis and Bot framework integrated in sitecore.

With this amaze, I heard about the Sitecore Hackathon this year. Me with my two office friends created a team for the same named as SapeAztec and registered for the Sitecore Hackathon 2017. It was a 24 hours of competition. We worked really hard and created a Azure CDN purge module integration with sitecore in Azure PAAS. It was back in February this year. The results were announced in May 2017. The first winner announced was our team (SapeAztec). It was really a proud moment for us all. We got the trophies from sitecore also and several free licenses. It was really a great experience. We got a lot of appreciation from the Sapient team and Office also.

After the sitecore hackathon, I started to learn more into sitecore and gave the sitecore certification exam and got it cleared with 90% marks. This was another huge reason for my happiness. After that I completed my first ever microsoft certification in Microsoft Azure Since then i am a huge fan of Sitecore and Microsoft. I try to learn each and every bit, I know it is not possible but my interest thrives me to do so.

Apart from my computing skills I have a great interest in Mathematics and Physics. In my school and college during B.tech I almost scored 99 percentile in mathematics and physics in all semesters. In the initial days of my school time, I thought of becoming a Physicist but somewhat that expectation is still alive inside me and maybe I will make it possible soon. I know its nothing to do with the computing technology but physics and computing are in trend. I remembered one of my topics of college time I gave seminar upon. That was Quantum Computing. It was basically amalgamation of Quantum Mechanics and Computing technology. Now google has created a Quantum computer so these are inseperables Computing, Physics and the core of all…Mathematics. I have a great interest in Astronomy also. This whole universe, defining it with the mathematical experessions and explaning its behaviour using physics is really amazing. I still follow all the news, online blogs related to Astronomy whether it is Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, String theory, Worm Holes, Dark Matter, Black Holes, Supernova, Hypernova. There are alot more but I can’t experess it here.

I have also worked upon the Linux and Unix. From college time I was somewhat inclined to this ethical hacking thing so I learned Ruby language to write scripts and worked upon several scripts on Backtrack. That was a great learning experience. First time I have moved from Microsoft domain to another. After that I worked upon various Linux consoles like Fedora, Ubuntu. They are equally interesting.

My current area of explorations is Artifical Intelligence. I am also learning python for the same. Maybe I will post something interesting related to AI and its integration with sitecore recently.

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